midicanalBéziers, Midi Canal / River Orb crossing & the "Nine Locks"

Béziers, Midi Canal / River Orb crossing , including "Les Neuf Ecluses"

Midi Canal, the junction with, and crossing of, the river Orb

The above "map" is just a diagrammatic representation of the Midi Canal and the River Orb at Béziers, in no way should it be used for any measurements or route planning! Roads and even the river bed have been " adjusted " to improve the clarity of this schematic.

The nine locks of Fonseranes and the Belvedere Inclined Plane Belvedere Inclined Plane or Pente d'eau bypassing the seven locks The Ruisseau du Lirou The Confluence River Orb, Cathedral St Nazaire and the Vieux Pont Lock nine, Ecluse neuf Ninth lock exit to, and TGV crossing the river Orb Flooding of river Orb, showing need for Pont-Canal Junction, river Orb / MidiCanal The Barrage on the river Orb and the Pont-Canal VNF Béziers office War memorial The Plateau des Poetes Béziers lock / Ecluse de Béziers Peniche a Rhum, Rum bar on a canal barge Eric Tabarly roundabout Cameron Béziers Factory


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