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Restaurant La Cascade logo - Pen & Ink drawing by an unknown Polish lady

Restaurant La Cascade - 1990 to 2001

The restaurant is closed; we ran it for just over eleven years and enjoyed meeting you all, we also ran websites for a few years, some of these still continue and we hope you will enjoy these as much as you did the restaurant, but now we're well and truly retired, the remaining sites are just a hobby.

Here we present some photos and drawings from the "Restaurant Years", mostly the work of customers.

Thanks & Bon Appétit!

Malcolm & Malcolm + Hélène & Pénélope (Penny).

Pen & Ink drawingTo the right, next

This was found on the floor behind the bar when we moved in, all we know is that it was drawn by an unknown Polish lady in the late 1980s and that we adopted it as our "logo".


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