midicanal.commidicanal logo Old Midi Canal crossing of the river Orb

The now unused exit from the
Midi Canal into the river Orb at Beziers

The TGV crossing the river Orb at

The unused exit of the Midi into the river Orb or A TGV train crossing the river


This little bridge led the Midi Canal out into the river Orb. Barges would pass beneath the bridge and turn right heading downstream about two hundred and fifty meters, cross to the other bank and re-enter the canal system, the horses would cross on the boat.

The second photo shows the TGV - (Train à Grande Vitesse) crossing the river Orb on the bridge in the background of the first photo, with the Grand Cathedral of St Nazaire, & the Archbishop's Palace in the background

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The junction of the Midi Canal's ninth lock of the famous “Neuf Ecluses” at Fonseranes and a TGV crossing the river Orb
Map of Beziersmap - Béziers, Midi Canal & river Orb


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