midicanalPlan of Béziers relative to the Midi Canal

Plan of Béziers

Plan of Béziers relative to the Midi Canal

Plan of Béziers relative to the Midi Canal

Béziers is situated at the heart of the largest vineyard in the world the Languedoc Roussillon and is the capitol of wine for the region. The wines of St.Chinian, Corbières, Minervois and Fitou now count as some of the finest to be found in France. Béziers is a beautiful town, its many squares with pavement cafés and restaurants, good shopping, a covered market 'Les Halles', with superb fresh fish, cheese, paté, vegetables etc. There is also a variety of outdoor markets every week. A magnificent cathedral and other historic buildings, art galleries and museums. It is the birthplace of Pierre Paul Riquet, the builder more than three centuries ago, (337 years), of the Canal du Midi, a truly magnificent engineering achievement which connects the Mediterranean with the City of Toulouse. The canal is now a paradise for cruising and leisure, and it is possible to hire a boat for the day, or dine out on a restaurant barge.


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